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Rossy Rodriguez

Lic Sales Agent

Lic Appraiser Assistant


J.L.S Appraisals LLC

At J.L.S Appraisals, we are more than just appraisers  - We have a background in Real Estate Sales and Business Management. If you're looking for a Real Estate Appraisal , here is what we offer.

Owner Raquel Berrios

Certified Real Estate Appraiser

FHA Approved

Real Estate Broker

who we are

Tax Relief Appraisal

Bankruptcy Appraisal

Divorce Appraisal

Estate Sale Appraisal

Market Value Appraisal

Listing Appraisal

Portfolio Appraisal

Private Lending Appraisal

Purchase or Refinance Appraisal

Short Sale Appraisal

and much more!!!!!