Listings are important to the real estate market because it demonstrates the trend of values in your neighborhood. If you are a agent or just a homeowner wanting to know what they can sell there house for , you are going to need a Certified Appraiser.

Why you ask? Well for starters, pricing your home in the current market will sell your home faster then letting your house sit on the market because you are over priced. Now no one ever complains when a house is under market  but that hurts your community. I believe that agents who recommend a Listing Appraisal to their clients are empowering the homeowner.

Need a Appraiser

If your a homeowner and do not have a agent to help you , then getting a Listing Appraisal is the first step. Now you are prepared to meet your agent with the info they need to help you sell your house quickly.

Need an Agent

It is proven that when you bring a Appraisal to  your county clerks office to fight your taxes, you have a better chance at winning a deduction opposed to filing a grievance without one. We can help you save money.

Why is a listing Appraisal important for you and your client ?

Tax Relief Appraisals can save you money


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